Peace, space, & a mountain stream

I had a call from a previous client who had bought an old farmhouse in the foothills of the Drakensberg. The farm was being sectionalised and he wanted a house built on one of the sectioned-off sites.

Peace, space, & a mountain stream

I inspected the site – in a small valley between two rocky hillocks – in order to position the house appropriately for views and access, and most importantly, to limit the noise of the traffic from the nearby arterial road.

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The house is built on a suspended floor slab and is designed to straddle a small stream. This allows a parking area to be located under the floor slab, while allowing any rainwater spilling off the hillside to be channelled through. The size of the house was limited to 150m² in terms of the sectional entitlement. But additional storage is created for all those odds and ends, thanks to the suspended floor slab and the high-pitched roof (for periodic heavy snowfalls). ‘Never enough space’!

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