Refurbishing a traditional house


I received a call from Mark, who owns a game farm outside Mokopane in the North West. Six years ago, I designed his hunter’s lodge and tourist complexes.

Refurbishing a traditional house
A run-down farmhouse turned into a beautiful house Photo: Jonno Smith

Now, requiring more accommodation for his manager and family, he asked me for help in converting an old farmhouse. The house is pretty run-down. A new roof is needed and many doors and windows must be replaced. “We want a modern upgrade, but keeping the house traditional,” Mark said. “Please incorporate wooden veranda columns with stone bases similar to those you designed for our cottage.”

A combination of sketch layouts from the manager and his associates and friends has culminated in the sketch shown here. I’ve attempted to utilise as much of the present structure with foundations as possible in order to limit the total cost. The existing house is shown in darkened walls and dotted where removed – new work is in red.