How to destroy thousands of jobs Here’s to a brighter  future for brandy Hands-on apple success  in the Greyton district Kromspruit and Stormhoek Dohne Merino Stud Production Sales Behind the hides & skins trade Successful mix for Midlands dairy farmer Dr Dung's lessons A drought of funds after the flood Making wine in the Malutis Know your crop pests: Red spider mite
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Farmer's Weekly - 4 September 2015
All you need to know about buying a farm
Surviving the milk price slump
More apples, less labour with these trellises
Millennials: a generation of hard-to-please consumers
Producing an award-winning Île de France carcass
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This week's poll
For what reasons do you hunt?
I shoot for the pot only.
I shoot for the pot and trophies.
I hunt for trophies only.
I hunt to rid my land of vermin.
I do not hunt.
Last week's poll
How do you protect your farm from crime-related incidents?
Video surveillance cameras and electric fences (13.12%)
Watch dogs (32.99%)
Neighbourhood watch (22.62%)
Security guards (22.68%)
Nothing (8.59%)
Watch dogs (32.99 %) Video surveillance cameras and electric fences (13.12 %) Nothing (8.59 %) Security guards (22.68 %) Neighbourhood watch (22.62 %) Watch dogs (32.99 %) Video surveillance cameras and electric fences (13.12 %) Nothing (8.59 %)
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