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Animal rights activists up in arms over killing of famous lion
US dentist Walter Palmer has come under harsh criticism from international animal rights activists following his involvement in the killing of one of Zimbabwe’s most well-known lion’s, 13-year old Cecil.
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Farmer's Weekly - 31 July 2015
Agri-wheels focus
16-page supplement - Free state Agriculture
Tips for balancing soil mineral ratios
Ludwig’s Roses - A legend in SA horticulture
Red meat traceability: time to beef up the system
How SA farmers can succeed in a globalised economy
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How do you protect your farm from crime-related incidents?
Video surveillance cameras and electric fences
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Do you watch farming related videos on YouTube?
Yes, I find them quite informative (48.28%)
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Yes, I find them quite informative (48.28 %) No, I usually can’t get internet connection (13.79 %) What is YouTube? (10.34 %) I prefer reading about farming  (27.59 %) Yes, I find them quite informative (48.28 %) What is YouTube? (10.34 %)
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