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Co-existence: leopards & farmers

Farmers and leopards living peacefully together might sound impossible, especially if you’re farming in the Southern Cape, where predation seems rife. But a new study suggests that leopards in the...

Wildlife: stay in the game

Whenever there are problems in an industry, it is advisable to go back to basics. Roelof Bezuidenhout reports.

Karoo’s small cats tread softly

Black-footed cat (Felis nigripes) and African wild cat (Felis silvestris lybica) populations are under threat from diminishing prey bases, degraded habitats, persecution, disease and hybridisation. To better understand Africa’s smallest...

Keeping hunting clients happy

South Africa is a favourite destination for US trophy hunters, but the authorities underestimate their contribution to the local economy and don't try and lure them here.

Reviving Canada’s indigenous bison

The population of Canada's indigenous American plains bison is recovering after the species was nearly decimated in the late 1800s.

Where have all the kudus gone?

Within two seasons, and without warning, the Eastern Cape's free-ranging kudu numbers have shifted from 'too many' to 'too few'. Roelof Bezuidenhout speculates on what could've gone wrong.

A rare game initiative on stock farms

When Abel Erasmus bought five stock farms near Philippolis in the Free State to establish the 14 000ha Otterskloof Private Game Reserve, he focused on breeding rare game species, including...

Scans & embryo transfers – game follows livestock farming

Ultrasound scans aren't new in the livestock industry, but they're now being increasingly used in the high-profit game industry. And that's just the start - researchers say embryo transfer is...

Black gold: disease-free buffalo farming

Few farming enterprises can offer the returns of a well-managed buffalo breeding operation.

Stud game – big money in horns

South Africa’s stud game industry is making great strides in breeding genetically superior stock, but are the high prices being paid at auctions healthy – or the start of a...

Trophy hunting: what your international clients want

Spanish hunters expect comfortable accommodation, Germans want value for money – Roelof Bezuidenhout breaks down a recent survey into what foreign tourists want from safaris, and how operators can cater...

Save our game farms!

Two wildlife ranching experts call for more support from the authorities but warn that over-regulation could kill the industry.


Treating internal parasites in sheep

Treating internal parasites in sheep

Intestinal worms are a serious problem for communal farmers, and community management protocols have therefore become increasingly important.

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