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Stifado: a greek-influenced beef casserole

There’s an understandable tradition to limit casseroles to cheaper cuts of meat. After all, that’s what slow cooking does best. But sometimes a casserole demands something more exciting than shin. My butcher provides something called ‘bucket meat’ which in his case refers to offcuts of beef fillet. And that’s what is used in this tender recipe.

Fresh from the local ‘ocean’

What better way to fight wintery weather? Here’s a hot fisherman’s pie, easy to make and even easier to eat. And, all three types of seafood were caught in the freezer of my local supermarket.

Asian inspiration

Here’s another venture in skottel or wok cooking. A stir-fry is always a welcome addition to the family menu. All you need is high heat and an ability to estimate time by the second.

The inside story: Liver, bacon and caramelised onions

This began with an idea. “How nice it would be,” I told the family, “to enjoy some delicious lamb sweetbreads.” Once I had told the youngsters what sweetbreads were, the enthusiasm waned a little. But mine remained at a high simmer. My butcher shook his head. No sweatbreads in his shop. Perhaps a kilogram or two of beef lips on special? A plateful of smiles. Perhaps not. My wife who is not a Boer, made a plan anyway. And this is what we cooked.

Ultra slow pork roast

Slow cooking produces a very different set of tastes and textures. This outstanding pork recipe brings a valuable new skill into the repertoire of the beginner cook with a meal awash with fragrance and tenderness.

Lemony soft-centred biscuits

Soft-centred with a crisp edge, these lemon zest accented biscuits don’t hang around long enough to get stale. Not only quick to bake, they also add their own special magic to the morning coffee break.

Meanwhile, back in Vietnam

Here’s a Vietnamese-influenced chicken noodle soup with pork belly, prawns and truly marvellous Asian herbs that’s easy to make.

A saucy liver affair

Chorizo sausage and chicken livers on pasta Chorizo sausage is a powerful experience, adding heat, potency and red line flavours to this pasta number. For a seasoned diner it’s a blast. And for the beginner cook it’s the chance to easily take your skills to a new level.

No corny Business

Just when you thought you had heard them all, along comes something else you can do with a mealie. Thanks to the Thai-style dipping sauce, these delicious fritters can be a snack or a side dish.


Winter is already knocking on the door. What better way to fight the cold than a delicious, steaming bowl of minestrone? Nothing can equal the flavour and aroma of this classic Italian vegetable soup.

Pizza and oven-dried tomatoes

Here’s the good news about two do-it-yourself cooking projects. Pizza needs no introduction. And oven-dried tomatoes are an outstanding addition to pizzas, salads and casseroles.

The best way to roast your own coffee

Forget the time-consuming ‘roast your coffee beans in a pan over gas’ method. Get hi-tech and use a heat gun! The results are a coffee-holic’s dream come true.