Laeveld icecream

Laeveld icecream

Only very good friends share their recipes. This one comes from my very good friend Immie Mostert, who got it from her grandmother, Suzanne le Grange. Now it’s yours –...
pork fillets with a sweet pepper sauce

Pork fillets with a sweet pepper sauce

Devoted wok mechanic that I am, pork fillets with sweet and sour sauce are the staple of my stir-fries. But as this delicious, classic recipe from Georgia in the US...
A Mexican breakfast with a KZN twist

A Mexican breakfast with a KZN twist

Huevos rancheros (ranger’s eggs) is the mid-morning meal on a Mexican ranch. Regardless of its origin, this recipe – in all humility – improves this KZN augmented culinary breakfast delight.
Easy butter chicken

Easy butter chicken

This delicious and satisfying dish works equally well as a midday meal for busy workers and a laid-back, candle-lit dinner for a few close friends. As a bonus, it’s simple...
Beef and seafood roti wraps

Beef and seafood roti wrap

Fellow kitchen mechanics, it’s time to return to the wrap for easy cooking, splendid eating, and minimal washing up. Beef and seafood roti wrap is the best.
mild chicken-based curry

Mild chicken-based curry

Strangely, chillies are not everybody’s idea of a good time. The veldfire in the mouth is held in low esteem, despite the endorphine lift that so joyously follows. Here we...
spicy hot cross buns

Spicy hot cross buns

Also known as spicy buns, these teatime favourites can be enjoyed any time of the year. What makes them so special? Two things: the spicy bite that enlivens every mouthful...
Magnificent pork casserole

Magnificent pork casserole

Is this not just totally, excessively marvellous in every way? There is literally nothing else your guest will be able to say, except … may I have some more?
Steak Béarnaise

Steak Béarnaise

Now that eating butter has been decriminalised, all the old favourites are coming back into fashion. Béarnaise is very nearly the best thing you can add to a superb grilled...

Modern boozy berry trifle

Here's our take on the traditional trifle, mixed with the secret ingredient... Amarula Cream. Try this delicious recipe now.

Create the perfect pork fillet vindaloo dish

So, you’ve bought a pork fillet. Should you haul out the trusty wok and go for the old sweet-and-sour pork standby? No, my fellow kitchen mechanics, it’s time for something...
roasted carrots in a dhania-chilli-yoghurt

Roasted carrots in a dhania-chilli-yoghurt sauce

Assume you’re planning your favourite classic roast, be it poultry, pork, lamb or beef. The next question is: what should you cook as an accompaniment to equal its grandeur? The...


hardy Bosvelder-type ewes

Indigenous livestock perfect for small-scale farmers

Ross Rayner and his father, Roger, farm 40 Nguni cows and 35 Bosvelder-type ewes on 250ha in the Mankazana Valley near Adelaide in the Eastern Cape. Their operation is an...

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