Magnificent pork casserole

Magnificent pork casserole

Is this not just totally, excessively marvellous in every way? There is literally nothing else your guest will be able to say, except … may I have some more?
Steak Béarnaise

Steak Béarnaise

Now that eating butter has been decriminalised, all the old favourites are coming back into fashion. Béarnaise is very nearly the best thing you can add to a superb grilled...

Modern boozy berry trifle

Here's our take on the traditional trifle, mixed with the secret ingredient... Amarula Cream. Try this delicious recipe now.

Create the perfect pork fillet vindaloo dish

So, you’ve bought a pork fillet. Should you haul out the trusty wok and go for the old sweet-and-sour pork standby? No, my fellow kitchen mechanics, it’s time for something...
roasted carrots in a dhania-chilli-yoghurt

Roasted carrots in a dhania-chilli-yoghurt sauce

Assume you’re planning your favourite classic roast, be it poultry, pork, lamb or beef. The next question is: what should you cook as an accompaniment to equal its grandeur? The...
Chilli-powered-tagliatelle pasta

Chilli-powered tagliatelle

One of the enduring charms of Italian cooking is its capacity to provide a basic tune upon which any musician can create a symphony. Add this recipe to your collection...
The Great South African Mediterranean Breakfast

The Great South African Mediterranean Breakfast

To live forever and retain your faculties, including the strength to repeat your high school shot-put record, follow a Mediterranean diet. So say the scientists. Here’s a culturally mixed way...

Levantine brinjal: burn away!

Despite every effort to be careful, most of us burn food from time to time. Here is a rare opportunity to be careless, on purpose. We are actively seeking the...

Ultra-quick chicken stir-fry with brown rice

You’re watching a sitcom in which everybody is enjoying a Chinese takeaway out of cartons. You wish you were eating the same food. Here’s what you do.

Deep-fried chicken

Tame cooking takes place in the kitchen. Wild cooking you do outside. A classic example of the latter is a braai, which leaves the cook as smoked as a kipper...
Lamb kofta & yoghurt tahini sauce

Lamb kofta & yoghurt tahini sauce

Kofta – savoury mince meat balls – are one of the best things you can do with lamb. They’re easy to make and even easier to eat, and when they’re...

Chicken roasted in beer

Chicken is a national bird in Africa. Where there are people, you will find chickens. Here is an outstanding combination of flavours, all centred upon a slightly boozy version of...


Latest stats show slight decrease in rhino poaching

Latest stats show slight decrease in rhino poaching

The decline in South Africa’s 1 January – 31 August 2018 national rhino poaching statistics to 508 animals, compared to the 691 rhino that fell to poachers for the same...

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