A bittersweet childhood memory turned into seven years of an inspiring and challenging journey.
Human settlement and lack of accountability threaten the availability of land in Kgabalatsane.
It took three deaths before a North West municipality prioritised an ongoing issue. It was solved in a day.

Plough for more

A total of 10 million tons of food go to waste in South Africa every year, according to WWF South Africa’s new Food Loss and Waste: Facts and Futures report.
There is no truth in media reports that the Citrus Growers Association of Southern Africa (GSA) imposed fines on companies in South Africa that exported oranges and mandarins through Spanish...
Those worried about South Africa’s eroding competiveness have cause for concern as agricultural imports are growing faster than exports.
Over the past week, Western Cape farmers have donated tons of fresh produce to FoodForward SA, a non-profit organisation assisting communities experiencing food shortages during the lockdown for the coronavirus...
Mentorship must be based on sound financial principles and is not a free-for-all, said Martin Detering, Free State Agriculture (FSA) land reform chairperson at an FSA mentorship workshop in Senekal.
Japanese experts have made a breakthrough in agricultural technology, using polymer film to grow food.
Extension officers are slowly gaining ground in the fight for food security in rural areas, but many challenges remain. John Mthembi explains to Gerhard Uys why he has targeted schools.
Part-time sheep farmer, and managing director of the International School of Tanning Technology in Grahamstown, Dr Clive Jackson-Moss, talks about the hides and skins industry.
When Farmer’s Weekly visited Kobela Mokgohlwa in 2010, he farmed hydroponically with tomatoes and green peppers in three tunnels, and had a small feedlot. But things have since changed. Peter...
The milling operation started out of necessity. Today a successful business, here are lessons from an expert on maize meal and animal feed milling.
The Mozambique government has committed itself to unlocking the enormous agricultural potential of the Beira corridor, but progress has been slow – and costly.
Grown on dry, unirrigated land, Darling Wines of Origin produce wines with intense flavour and have proven to be as popular locally as abroad.
This over-the-top piece of Euro-cuisine has a lot going for it. Firstly, lots of flavours. Secondly, lots of colour. Thirdly, its surprisingly easy to cook. Finally, its a dinner party...
Shiela require assistance from Jonno to design a double-storey farmhouse with two bedrooms.
Jonno designs a beautiful four-bedroom house for Patience and her family.
Patrick wants to build a simple dwelling for two of his labourers on his farm. He asks Jonno for help.
I recently received a call from a previous client in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands. His bed and breakfast establishment was constantly running out of accommodation and needed more rooms.
You might like something a little less sweet for Christmas pudding. For that, try this mango pudding recipe.
Mycotoxins, which are present in most animal feed, can affect a poultry flock badly. It’s crucial to manage feed and the environment to lower mycotoxin levels.
When Abel Erasmus bought five stock farms near Philippolis in the Free State to establish the 14 000ha Otterskloof Private Game Reserve, he focused on breeding rare game species, including...
The showing of racing pigeons is like an avian beauty pageant - a celebration of external qualities based on textbook prescription, writes.
The correct choice of fish species or strain can determine success or failure. Beware of breeders claiming to have developed a superior ‘strain’ of tilapia. Chances are they have done...
Fertility and a short intercalving period (ICP) are more heritable than experts suggest, says cattle farmer Peter Schultz. He explains to Gerhard Uys that cattle well-adapted to their environment and...
Washing pale horses can be a thankless task, as they like rolling in mud soon afterwards, says Dr Mac.
As fruit farmers are pushed to produce more with less, so the trend towards dwarf trees has gained momentum. Dwarf avocado trees offer the benefits of a compact orchard and...
Canola plantings in the Swartland in the Western Cape have been increasing steadily over the past few years, as more farmers recognise the benefits of including canola as a viable...
Len Hobson, who died recently at the age of 87, introduced papayas from Hawaii to South Africa in the late 1960s and became a recognised authority on subtropical fruit and...
Some pundits maintain that our fresh produce markets are over-regulated. I confess that I cannot make up my mind on the issue.
Hugh and Isabel Wallace farm 4ha of vegetables undercover on Silver Dawn, close to Krugersdorp. They produce high-quality vegetables for the export market and top-end local stores.
Many small-scale and other farmers seem to believe the only way to sell their fruit or vegetables is directly to a supermarket or wholesale buyer.
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