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Sustainable farming means taking care of the environment and making a profit. Farmers should be highly suspicious of advice that does not take this into account.
If you structure your business creatively, you’ll be able to save many thousands of rands in tax. Here are some simple, practical ways to do this.
Take great care to associate with ethical people and avoid those who are not. In turn, provide your colleagues with an impeccable example of integrity.
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The price of petrol will decrease by 10c/l on Tuesday night 6 November.
The Western Cape Farm Worker of the Year competition has received a huge boost from Shoprite.
A massive 483,6kg pumpkin grown by Pinkie Swart from Heidelberg, won him the title for the largest pumpkin grown in South Africa for the second year in a row.
Farmers are never too old to try new technology. This is according to Jacqueline Rowarth, agribusiness professor at New Zealand’s Waikato Management School.
The Eastern Cape Red Meat Producers’ Organisation (ECRPO) has made history by electing its first black vice-chairperson.
More than a 100 animals had to be put down after SAPS and the SPCA found pigs starving and eating each other on a farm owned by National Council of...
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Sharing sugarcane knowledge

The sugar industries of SA and Réunion Island may have different production challenges, but the ways in which each industry is tackling its problems can help the other. Lloyd Phillips...
The ANC’s attempt to justify and even, it seems, encourage dodgy dealings is an affront to Africans.
Gugu Mlipha is the SA Agricultural Writers’ New Entrant to Commercial Farming for 2015. She farms vegetables on 6ha in Walkerville, Gauteng, and also runs a vegetable processing business. She...
Wildlife managers need experience and ability to succeed in this exciting, growing business.
Not all cuts of beef are considered equal, and where in the world you eat your steak also determines how much you pay. Namibian farming economics consultant Dr Helmke Sartorius...
The Agricultural Research Council’s Eastern Cape emerging beef farmer for 2015, Sinako Ntseke, farms on three properties which collectively amount to more than 1 200ha. His passion for farming drives...
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The streams of the Amathole Mountains – including the Wolf River – were immortalised by Sydney Hey in his African fly-fishing text, The Rapture of the River. Mike Burgess travelled...

Christmas trifle

This is without doubt the simplest dessert recipe I know, with the exception of vanilla ice cream. The only skill demanded of you is to make the trifle look elegant...

Home-made marmalade

On a hot, humid Durban Saturday, the last thing any normal person would want to do is spend a couple of sweaty hours in the kitchen, but when the purple...

Employee accommodation

In this week's issue of FW, Jonno assists a reader Benjamin with a design for employee accommodation on his farm.

Born to Kill

Drama and tragedy plays out in the nest of the little bee-eater (Merops pusillus) as part of nature’s endless dance of life and death, writes Abré J Steyn.

DIY Artisanal Pasta

Cooking is more than following a recipe. Those who grow their own vegetables or keep fowls understand this. But becoming expert in the basic aspects of food production is a...
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Last time, we discussed claims that wealthier fanciers dominate pigeon racing. As we saw, it’s a controversial issue.

Connect with your horse

There’s nothing worse than asking your horse to do something and being met with resistance, says Kim Dyson.

Dealing with lice

Even well-kept horses can be infected by this annoying parasite, warns Kim Dyson
Dr Roland Larson, a vet who has practiced in the Graaff-Reinet district for 27 years has made it his life’s mission to help farmers manage livestock parasite loads by encouraging...
Hennie Wardeck was a formidable opponent with a knack for selecting champion pigeons. He will be sorely missed, writes Thomas Smit.
Breeders are quietly optimistic that they can develop a modern animal for the profitable sheep-fat market, while Persians are increasingly being used to breed fat and fertility back into Dorpers,...
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I wrote a column on powdery mildew in peppers some months ago, but would now like to address this important subject more fully.
Drought in the northern Eastern Cape played havoc with this season’s raspberry crop of the Berrynice Berry Company. Fortunately, a small land of strawberries planted as a trial provided a...
Combating invasive alien vegetation on rugged terrain can be expensive and challenging. But an ingenious solution introduced by KZN farmer Clinton Whitehead promises to be effective and affordable. Lloyd Phillips...
The trust relationship between producer and market agent is the oil that lubricates the fresh produce engine.
The leaf miner was once a major headache for producers, having a wide range of hosts and a particular fondness for Swiss chard.
I came across one of my previous columns (Farmer’s Weekly March 2002), and make no apology for repeating it, because it is sound advice that applies to all fresh produce.

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