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Many farmers are highly knowledgeable about growing grain or running livestock. But relatively few hold even basic skills in financial literacy. Are you one of them?
Business managers require skills in four key areas: production, marketing, human resources, and finance. The last of these is a challenge for many South African farmers; if you’re one of...
It’s quick and easy to demotivate someone. In contrast, it takes time and effort to build motivation. If you have demotivated employees, first look in the mirror.

Plough for more

A group of women farmers has been left stranded after their 4ha farm has allegedly been sold illegally as household stands by a man known only as Mzezane.
A number of officials in the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform (DRDLR) are still being investigated for fraud and corruption relating to farm allocations for a project that...
Potato cultivar evaluation trials and pests came under the spotlight at the Potatoes SA research symposium held at Bela-Bela in Limpopo.
Various wine farms in the Boland are being investigated by the Norwegian government-owned, alcoholic beverage retailer, Vinmonopolet.
The South African Apple & Pear Producers’ Organisation anticipates that this year’s pome fruit season is going to be a very challenging one for producers.
The Institute of Market Agents of South Africa (IMASA) has reported that it has not received complaints from market agents regarding poorer quality fresh produce resulting from the current drought.
Macadamia growers are in the pound seat, with prices at unprecedented highs. Nut processor, Mayo Macs, is helping farmers ensure that the good times last, says Myles Osborn, consultant to...
Small commercial beef producers and stud breeders make up a large and valuable part of Canada’s cattle value chain. While in Alberta, Gerhard Uys, who recently visited Farm Fair International,...
Getting communal cattle farming to work has always been difficult, as many farmers refuse to cooperate. But the Vuvha community in Venda has found that sharing resources and managing all...
The dairy industry and various government departments are hoping to join forces to introduce a school milk ­progamme to improve the health and learning abilities of South Africa's children.

A desire to succeed

Zabion de Wee graduated from the Grootfontein Agricultural Development Institute last year and is doing an internship with the National Wool Growers' Association. An ambitious young man, he has plans...
Poor profitability due to high input costs and low producer prices is having a devastating impact on South Africa's dairy industry, causing almost 30 producers to leave the industry per...
In my previous article, I discussed the registration of a non-profit association for agritourism in South Africa. Named the Association for Agritourism in South Africa (AASA), this aims to unite...

Lemon Meringue Pie

A pie? How can something so sweet be a pie? Where are the four-and-twenty blackbirds? Instead, here’s heaven in a dessert bowl. Sure tastes better than those blackbirds.
A casserole deserves a lot of attention for the best results – these textures and flavours take work to bring them together, but the final meal is worth it.
Abré J Steyn speculates about the future we can expect should we continue to destroy our planet.
Ann van Dyk started the cheetah centre on her parent’s chicken farm in North West in 1971. When the National Zoological Gardens of South Africa ran out of space to...
As poaching has threatened almost one rhino a day this year alone, South African farmers have resorted to desperate measures. With this in mind, Abré J Steyn decides to revisit...
It is now considered old-fashioned and misguided, not to mention cruel, to use ‘dominance theory’ methods to train a horse, cautions Dr Mac.
The aquaculture development zones proposed by government are not the way to develop the sector.
Monthly report on livestock disease trends.
The end of may and first week of June marked the ­beginning of the 2007 racing pigeon season. Issue date 15 June 2007
Essential oils can be used to improve the mood and physical well-being of your horse, says Kim Dyson.
There is much to be said for the reliability of proven filter designs, as opposed to newer ones where reliance on fragile, complicated technology could result in toxic water with...
Poland’s agricultural sector has undergone significant changes over the past 25 years, and the country now has the potential to become Europe’s major food production and processing hub.
As a tomato grower you always need to be on the lookout for the African bollworm (Helicoverpa armigera), no matter the season.

Food for Africa!

Africa is the third fastest growing region in the world after Southeast Asia and the Pacific Rim. Since 2000 some 90 million Africans have moved to cities, and the continent...
The recent tendency among SOME senior market officials to create the impression that they are solely responsible for the successes of a market hasn't abated.
Potatoes have to be ridged and lifted. These two operations can be troublesome with certain clay soil, especially when the weather doesn’t play along.
There are many pots on the boil on the farm of DAFF’s Best Female Entrepreneur of the Year, but the main course is based on Moringa.

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